Customized Market Research

The Group of companies participating in the project accepts orders for individual market research in Ukraine. Research results may assist our business customers in more efficient entry into the markets of the above-mentioned countries.

Since 1992 we have realised more than 90 customized market research projects in Western, Central and Eastern Europe encompassing

  • Complex market analysis
  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Sales channel analysis
  • Object location analysis
  • Pricing analysis

Apart from standard sources of information, in the course of customized market research we use exclusive data of branch institutes and organizations, up-to-date information from market players, as well as opinions and forecasts of leading national branch experts.

In case of a customized order, please, do not hesitate do contact us with your inquiry. After we have agreed upon the subject and the purpose of the research you are interested in, we will prepare a matching your needs.

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